How did I become a Button Maker? 

My friend Rosette turned me into a Button Maker.  Rosette  gave me a snapshot of him taken after a long night of fun in Provincetown.   Dick Mitchell turned that image into an illustration, then before I knew it,  I bought a Button Maker and had a huge pile of Buttons with Rosette  and the word Dance.  

After Rosette’s Button, I started listening for words, and things people say to put on my Buttons.  From there I’ve taken sacks of buttons to so many parties and funerals.  Buttons know how to have fun in all circumstances.

One day,  I was on the subway and I heard two women talking and one said real loud:
“What we need is a Buttonmaker!”
I said “Excuse me, I”m a Button maker, Can I help?”
“We need you to make us a  Button to wear to work”.
“What would you want the Button to say?”
Together as if they rehearsed they both said
“Shut the FUCK UP”.
My pleasure is that Buttons can say for us what we really need to say or hear.

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